Thursday, July 15, 2010

Russian Women Dating- Are You Ready For This?

Are you ready for Russian Women Dating?

Did you know that beginning your Russian women dating experience could be more troublesome than you first thought? There are plenty of questions that you will need to research before you dive straight in and for the most part, these are questions that a lot of men do not ask themselves before they embark on their dating journey.

Firstly, how ready do you think you are for this dating experience? Long distance relationships put stresses and strains on even the calmest of people and if you are not emotionally ready, for example, recently ending another relationship, it is likely that your new dating venture will not prove to be fruitful.

One thing that you must bear in mind is that internet dating and especially Russian women dating is not always safe. There are plenty of scammers just waiting to get their hands on your hard earned cash and there are plenty of questions that you must ask yourself to ensure that you are not a victim yourself. How safe is the website that you are using? One thing that may work in the website’s favor is if the girls have to pay to put their profiles on the site. Who is really going to pay a website when they are trying to scam people out of money? Also, how are the girls screened by companies such as the International Marriage Agencies or IMA as they are also known. Make sure that you look at the profiles of the girls closely on the sites – how provocatively dressed are they? This can give you some indication on whether or not they are looking for love or simply a wad of cash and a Visa to a different country.

The world of Russian women dating does beg the question “why?” What is so different about American and indeed men from other countries of the world that makes them so irresistible to Russian ladies? Perhaps they think that these men are all rich or more attractive? What makes a woman want to leave her own country to marry or date a man from another?

For some cases, the world of Russian women dating does prove fruitful, leading to marriage and a “happy ever after" scenario. If you want this to happen to you then you must be prepared. What are your friends and family going  to think about his venture? Are you going to be able to support her in an unknown country and for those that work away from home for extended periods at a time – how is your lady going to cope? Remember, she is going to have no friends in your country, no family and no security blanket if it all goes wrong.

Of course, as well as all of this serious stuff, you must figure out how you are going to woo the ladies that you like the look of. If she speaks little English or only Russian, how are the two of you going to communicate? Will you hire an interpreter? What are you going to say to try and make yourself look like a “good catch” to the opposite sex? All of these things need to be figured out in advance if you want your Russian women dating experience to be a pleasant one.

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